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Customer Testimonials

Our Family Serving The Community Since 1979!
TOLL FREE Sales: 800-681-4080 | Service: 800-699-7506
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He explained differences in vehicles I was looking at. Allowed me to test drive different cars. He explained all the ways each vehicle would handle. Clint Waskom was very personable, he did not pressure me into a sale. Will definitely ask for him again an any future purchase - Sharon Smith-Willis
Bob Poynter GM is great! I wouldn't consider another dealer and when you have the best-no need to look elsewhere. This is our 5th new vehicle purchase from Bob Poynter GM - Donna Watkins
I love my Silverado. The whole buying experience was incredible. From start to finish I have been treated like royalty. I'm going to shop at Bob Poynter for all my vehicles. Thank You -Dave Benham
Have bought last 5 cars from Poynter's as well as have several family members. Would not consider dealing with a different dealership. Mom is going tomorrow to see about possibly buying a new car. -- Lori Watkins
I really like the Cruze and Joe was very helpful. I plan to have Poynter's do the routine maintenance, so I'll talk to you in a few months. I'm happy with Poynter's and have found your place to be very much superior to the dealership I bought from before. Thanks a bunch! Natalie Simmons
We are very happy. The Contour is a great first car for my son. He is very pleased also and we were very comfortable that we were not buying another person's problems because Phillip had it thoroughly checked out through your service department. Phillip is a great person and we enjoyed our buying experience with him. Thank you, Kristi Summit
I want to thank Clint Waskom for making my car purchase experience at Bob Poynter GM a great one. Clint was very accomodating to my needs without being pushy or high pressure. He listened to me and my needs and made me feel comfortable through the entire purchase process. I have nothing but good things to say about Bob Poynter and have already recommended Clint to several of my friends as my dealer of choice…Bruce Phillips
Great dealership that is second to none with superior service and extremely helpful staff!!......The Waskom's
I will continue to patronize this dealership with the confidence that they hold my best interest at hand...... The Harbaugh's
My sales rep was outstanding to work with, we disagreed on my trade value but he took the opportunity to explain why they valued it like they did and it was an accurate honest explanation. I have purchased 9 vehicles from Poynter and will go nowhere else...... The Jarrad's

 Was very happy with everything, everyone was very friendly and helpful. I even called our salesperson at home and he took the time to answer our questions ............. The Minton's

 Terry Darlage was our salesman and after finding out what our requirements were, he gave us choices without pressure. Terry was honest and treated us with common sense and let us make our own decision.....great job Terry......The Krumme's

 We were very pleased with Bob Poynter GM when we purchased a vehicle in 2007 and are equally pleased with our purchase of a Chevrolet Equinox. Your service department has always been excellent and we look forward to using them again with this vehicle. Thanks so much for your help in making us happy customers...The Stearn's

 This is our 2nd purchase of a 12-passenger van in the last couple years.  We purchased a 2011 Ford E Series and now the 2014 GMC Savanna.  I have to say that no matter which side my organization dealt with, I felt we were your most important customer and everything from communication to getting required paperwork to delivery was so smooth.  My job is a very busy one and the fact that I didn’t have to do any of the work and made my decision very easy.  We will be in the market for a minivan in a couple years and another one a couple years after that; I will be looking at Bob Poynter GM as my first choice.  Your people make a big difference and you should be very proud to work with the folks I dealt with ? especially Terry Darlage, our salesman who put in extra effort to get this deal done.

 Thank you!!! Tom

I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with our purchase. The equinox is perfect and the gas mileage is fabulous! Clint and JD did everything they could to get me in a new ride and I truly appreciate that! That in sales is very hard to find. I am completely satisfied with the sale and how hard they worked to get it thru. I will definitely be back and will be referring others there as well??Amber Davidson 


In regards to your email, I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with our purchase. The equinox is perfect and the gas mileage is fabulous! Clint and JD did everything they could to get me in a new ride and I truly appreciate that! That in sales is very hard to find. I am completely satisfied with the sale and how hard they worked to get it thru. I will definitely be back and will be referring others there as well! Thanks for the follow up and I will be sure to give that survey a COMPLETELY SATISFIED! Thanks again.

We wish to extend a big Thank You to George Covey and Eric Simmons. This past Sat. Afternoon we went to have an extra key made for our car and it was ground off by mistake. We called George and he asked Eric to make us one and also brought it to us. It is so nice to do business with people who care about you and not only selling you something. Bob Poynter GM has been and will always be the place for me when buying a vehicle. Thank You...Phil Cooper
I really appreciate the way my trade-in and purchase were handled by Shane Simpson. He is the reason I remain a loyal customer of Bob Poynter GMC, he remembered me from my first GMC Envoy purchase eight years ago! I am a 74 year old widow and all employees I came into contact with at this dealership were friendly, courteous and very helpful. I love my Terrain!!!!

Just wanted to compliment the Collision Dept. for their outstanding quality and service when I brought my Terrain in. Brian and his staff deserve a big pat on the back. ~And I wanted to share something else too. One of the young men working was a student at my school- years ago. It did my heart good to see him graduate and have a good job. He was happy that I got to see him working! I really didn't expect for him to go far in life due to his home life. He said he was married and had worked at Poynter for several years now. ~It's the little things sometimes that go unnoticed in your business that you need to hear about from time to time. I hope this message brings a smile to all. ~Sincerely,~Jennie Chase

I brought my truck in for a previously scheduled transmission fluid change on 11/25. Roger was the service advisor that took care of me. I explained to Roger that on 11/24 my odometer ceased working properly and the heater was not properly working on the driver's side. Roger explained what he felt the problems might be. In reference to the odometer speed indicator he said it would probably need replacing and would have to be ordered in. He said the repairs should be made by Wednesday, 11/28.

I love my new car! Terry and Rob and everyone at the dealership were amazing. They were very helpful and caring. My experience with you guys is been the best and it can say your customer service is amazing. Any car I buy or my family needs we will get it from you guys ! Thank you again and you guys are awesome :) Krunal Patel

I brought my truck in for a previously scheduled transmission fluid change on 11/25. Roger was the service advisor that took care of me. I explained to Roger that on 11/24 my odometer ceased working properly and the heater was not properly working on the driver's side. Roger explained what he felt the problems might be. In reference to the odometer speed indicator he said it would probably need replacing and would have to be ordered in. He said the repairs should be made by Wednesday, 11/28.
A loaner vehicle was supplied and I was somewhat surprised to get a call from Roger telling me that my truck was ready on 11/27 as he had told me it would be. I can't say enough regarding that kind of excellent service and Roger has always been so courteous and caring to deal with.
We have been loyal customers of Bob Poynter GM ever since the dealership was purchased and have been well pleased. Thanks for taking care of our transportation needs.

I love my Escalade. This is my 3rd one and I?ve been pleased with all of them. We drove the last one to Florida so we would have a car there; it has 140 thousand miles and still drives and looks great. I always take great care of my vehicles. Terry Darlage was great to work with and he knew I was not happy with my present vehicle. I appreciate Bob Poynter and he?s staff, because they always take care of me. I have always shopped with you and will continue to do so.. I am a very loyal customer. Thanks, Connie Geis

Bob Poynter's was the first thought when we found we needed to replace our van after it was totaled in a wreck. I have brought two new vehicles from a Chevy dealer in Texas and have always been very happy with my treatment. We were not looking forward to the wheeling and dealing that goes on with purchasing a car. But, Shane Simpson helped us skip all that drama. He didn't treat us any different because we brought a used car. He is an asset to your company. In the future I will be replacing my old 1992 S-10 that I brought in Texas and your place will by again first on my list. Debbie

I am pleased to say that I have been dealing with Bob Poynter GM for the last five years. When I bought my car I dealt with Terry Darlage. I don't think you could find a nicer person to deal with. As far as your service department, I think I have dealt with every one of them one time or another, since I come there for everything that needs to be done to my car. I have always been treated like I was special and with the utmost respect. I really can't say enough good things about the people that work at Bob Poynter GM Thanks for being there when I need you!!......................Marie Sexton



Mr. Poynter......I am writing to let you know that I had the best vehicle transaction (ever) at your dealership. Ann was my salesperson and she made the entire process of purchasing a pleasure. Her fantastic customer service is rare in any sales these days. She knows her product, financing, and all the intricacies involved. Plus, Ann made it stress-free and fun! Who knew buying a car could be like that? You are lucky to have Ann as part of your team. I appreciate everything she and your very professional group did for me.......Sincerely Scott Lacy  

 I Love my Chevrolet Equinox, and I am Completely Satisfied with it. Joe Browning was a wonderful sells person. Joe showed us all around different cars and colors that I wanted. Let us be by ourselves to decide, we drove it and I liked it. So, Mr. Starkey as the Marketing Coordinator for Bob Poynter you have all reached your goal with us, we are very satisfied.

Thanks so much,
Louise & Richard Gardner 

 Bob - My wife recently had her car in for service, and was provided with a chase car while the work was being done.When I returned the chase car, I forgot a couple items Ann had attached to the visor.I called the next day to inquire if the items had been discovered.Eric Simmons took my call, and quickly determined that the items had been found.Upon learning that we live in Columbus, Eric told me that he was planning on being in Columbus that evening, and would be happy to bring the items with him.It turned out his destination was in the same areas as my office, and he delivered them to me.This is an example of going the extra mile in providing good customer service, and I wanted to remind you that you have some great employees. 

JD,You’re the best just wanted to send you a thank you note to let you know how much we appreciate you working so hard to help us find the right car and save us so much money.Jim wanted to let you know how much he appreciated you taking care of the key fob.That was so nice of you.Bob Poynter is a First Class Dealership and you are a Big part of it. 

Roger,Thank you for your assistance when our truck was broke down in your town last month. You and your dealership provided us with the right parts and assistance to get us back on the road so we could get to a show at Indy. It was a pleasure doing business with you, we were impressed!

Thank you Andy Kralone & Detroit Speed Inc. 


Your service department has to be the best I’ve ever experienced. Since 1988 they, (as well as everyone in your sales department., have always made me and my family feel like we are the most important customers you have.) I dropped off my Truck on Monday for a recall and another issue, and they had it done the same day. This was not an appointment. Just a drop off. I fully expected to wait a few days, and was in no hurry. I even called to tell them I was in no hurry. Didn’t matter, they were already working on it. You just cannot imagine how happy I am that I walked into your store 23 years ago. Seems like yesterday. Thanks. Tom Flanagan 

 Thank you for my cute Teddy Bear and continued excellent service. Especially thank Eric as he is so thoughtful! I appreciated his concern. Wish him a Happy Holiday. Thanks for the loaner car that I use to spend $ in Seymour.

The Walkers 

 Hi Bob,

I am sending you this note to express my appreciation for the Service Department staff at Bob Poynter GM, namely Trent and Eric. A few weeks ago I had a recurring issue with my Cadillac’s AC compressor, which had its second compressor going out in 80K miles.

The extended warranty on the car had expired a few months earlier. Eric had informed me that the part had only 12 months of warranty, the part was 16 months old, and could not cover the repair under warranty. He suggested that I could contact GM Corporate to see if they might help with coverage.

I contacted GM Corporate to see if they could help a “loyal multi Cadillac” owner with this recurring issue. After some discussion about loyal GM customers and a suggestion that maybe I needed to start buying Fords, they still felt that they (GM Corp.) could not help me with this issue. I was very disappointed in the fact that Corporate could not see past the few hundred dollars and that this was too high of a price to pay for my loyalty.

I then called J.B. Hackman and explained the situation to him. He suggested that I give him a couple of days to look into this. The next thing I know is that I am getting a call from your service manager, Trent, explaining how they (not Corp.) did appreciate my business and that they were going to take care of this recurring issue. This is exactly what a loyal “Bob Poynter” customer returning is more worthy than a few hundred dollar service repair.

GM Corporate could learn a few things from Bob Poynter GM in the “ how to treat people” department. You, Sales (JB), and the entire Service Department are the reasons I continue to buy from Bob Poynter GM. It is staff like this that makes people Bob Poynter GM customers for life. Please thank JB, Trent, and Eric for the understanding and patience they extended towards me. They truly made me feel appreciated!

Customers For Life,

Monte and Carol Mauller 


My family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for you kind help and assistance that you recently extended. While our car was in the body shop, you offered us a loaner car (at no cost) us to drive while ours was being repaired. That may be “the norm” for the way you all operate, but to us it was extraordinary and a big deal. Because of your generosity, a bad situation was given a sigh of relief and we greatly appreciate your part in that.

It truly is a blessing to continue doing business with folks like you. Thank you for your work ethic and kind service to our community. Thank you again.


Jodi Seevers & Family 

 Dear Mr. Poynter:

I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding service I received when my Cadillac malfunctioned. J.D. Roberts contacted me quickly and made all the necessary arrangements to pick up my automobile and to provide me with a vehicle in the interim.

Mr. Roberts contacted me the following day to let me know what the problem was and that it had been fixed. He once again made arrangements to return my car and even took the time to have it washed and cleaned inside. I can truly say that I was the recipient of “World Class Service” and I will be certain to share this very positive experience with family, friends and co-workers.

Thank you, and thank J.D. Roberts for this wonderful service.

Sincerely, Loretta M. BurdPresident & CEO

 Hello, My name is Tim Church, I purchased your used Ford Southern Comfort Van. Salesman was Phill Hawk & the driver that delivered it was Dan. Just a note to their superiors, on the fine,satisfying Job they did. Dan is an extremely proffesional employee. I enjoyed meeting him. Phil made the transaction easy. Thanking them for their work.

Tim Church

 Mr Poynter

Terry Darlage is a guy to keep around. I hope you give him a good paycheck. He was so nice to us also kept us laughing. I fell if more people were like Terry the world would be a lot better place. So we were also well pleased with our Blazer. If we ever need a car again we will be back.

Tom Darriott 


Thank you so much for all your help and patience! We love our new Equinox!

Thanks again!

Clint & Erin Tape 


Justin and I want to thank you for all your assistance when we were trading vehicles (both truck and car). We really appreciated your help and ideas.

Thanks again,

Megan, Justin and Ava Blomenberg 


I want to thank you so much for working with me on my new car. I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me. Tell everybody how much I appreciate Poynter’s and will tell everybody what a wonderful gang you are!

Thanks again,

April England 

 I just want to say thanks for helping me out and making this happen. You are not just a salesman but a friend also. That is what Bob has always been about. I have bought a lot of cars and trucks and have kept coming back because of people like you. I bought my first truck from Bob 24 years ago.


Kevin Howard & Karen Knott 

 Thank you so much for all your kindness & help with our new vehicle. We love it! We appreciate all you did to make it happen.

Thanks again,

John & Leta Ahlbrand 


Thank you do much for all the help you gave us in finding a car. We appreciated your time and energy and your attitude! It’s so refreshing to find a company who truly cares about the customer. Thanks again for the excellent customer service!!

Anna & Larry Bogard 

 Dear Terry, J.D. & Dewey

Thank you so much for your help in purchasing my new Enclave. It is a very nice truck, and so far I am enjoying it! You all went above and beyond to help me and I wanted you to know you did a great job!


Kathi Combs 


Thank you for all that you’ve done for me and my family this week. This week has been stressful enough without any added burdens. You’ve made my transition from truck to truck so much easier for us.

Thanks again!



We would just like to take this time to thank you, for such a wonderful car buying experience. We are very happy with our Aztek and want you to know you’ve gained customers for life. We will recommend you and Bob Poynter Chevy to everyone.

Thanks again

The Chases 

 Thank you so very much for taking so much time and effort to help me find a new car. You have always went above and beyond what is expected of you over the years.

Thank You!

Jack, Jamie, Lakyn,& Bre 

 Dear George,

Thanks for all your help with me on purchasing a new vehicle. As previously stated Poynters is a “different kind of car place” & Seymour is blessed to have a business like it. It’s only as good as the owner and his employees.

I’m always “trusting” you and Daryl back in the service department. I Wish you the best on your change to sales. Thank you for your patience and advice. Stop by sometime and we’ll gab on the porch!


Mary Elizabeth Keller 

 Hi-We just wanted to say “Thanks” to you all for your kindness & courtesy when we were purchasing our new truck. You all were very nice. We enjoyed talking with George & John & appreciate all their help. We will definitely be back with were ready to buy another vehicle. Again, thanks for everything

Brian & Leann Sweeney 


Thank you for not giving up finding a car for me. I love the car and have put several miles on it already. I put my trust in you and you came through for me. It was a pleasure working with you.

Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a great healthy 2010.

Thanks again,

Wanda Ewing 

 Dear Bob,

This is a letter I should have written quite some time ago. You see, Bob has Alzheimer’s, and life as we knew it is no longer the same.

But fortunately for me, having the friendship and support of the people of your business has been a great help. We’ve been your customers for a log of years?due to you and the caliber of your employees. Everyone at your agency has been very nice to me during these last several months since all responsibility for the upkeep of the vehicles has fallen to me.

But, Roger Graham & George Covey have gone out of their way to be sympathetic to our situation. No matter how trivial some of my questions have been Roger is always very patient and helpful. Also, their inquiries on Bob and passing along a “Hi” to him are appreciated. Too many times in this life we fail to acknowledge kindnesses given, and I did not want that to happen in this case.


Betty Combs 

 Dear George,

We are extremely happy with our purchase of a 2008 GMC Sierra truck. You listened to our requests and answered our questions. You advised us of some options to help us with our selections. All-in-all the purchasing experience was pleasant and we are very pleased with the treatment you extended to us as customers. We respected your judgement when you advised us regarding service and you continue to have our respect as a salesman.

We hope you have continued success at Poynter’s. We will definitely return when we are considering another purchase.


Merrill & Joyce Salyers 

 Dear George,

Thank you for the great service you provided to us when we got highway paint on our Buick. You went above and beyond good service?especially doing the work at no charge!

Bettie & Dale Burbrink 


I had to drop you a note and let you know how happy I am with my new Vibe. Thank you so much for all your help the day we bought it. The more I drive it, the more I love driving it! It’s like it was made for me!

Thanks again!


Ellen Stout 


I really appreciate your help and kindness a I went through the car buying process. So far I have been nothing but pleased with the Sunfire!

Thanks again

Becky Crane 

 Dear George,

Just a note to thank you for your individual interest and continuous geniality in completing our second transaction in recent years. Your expertise and helpful nature has carried over from the service area to sales. Bob Poynter is fortunate in having you as a member of his staff. Best wishes for your continued success.


Dick Kage 


I’ve been driving my new Equinox for almost a month now and I absolutely love it! Thank you for helping us find a car that is just right for us. We appreciate all you did to make our car-buying experience less “painful”!

Thanks again

Steve and Sheri Fletcher 


Thanks for taking care of my problems with the Trailblazer. I know I was probably becoming a pain on every little thing that was going wrong. So a big thank you for putting up with me and fixing all of them. I am glad you sold it to us. I really love it. You better stick around for a while because you’re the only one that listens to the problems and takes care of them. You know that I know my vehicle.

Thanks again



Thanks so very much for all of your help during the purchase of my van. You made the transaction so very easy and quick. We took it to Gatlinburg over the Thanksgiving holiday and the gas mileage we got was excellent. It does wonderful in the snow too. Thanks again you are number 1 in my book. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Linda Claycamp 


We wanted to let you know, like so many others have, how great it was to deal with you and Bob Poynter’s. You have a great personality and so willing to help all. We appreciate all you have done for us and we will never go anywhere else. Thanks again and again!

Thank you

Billy and Penny Chandler 

 Dear George:

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your helpfulness, friendliness and your kindness. You were right it didn’t take two hours Thanks for keeping an eye on what is going on with my vehicle. As I said before, “if you didn’t have a mother I would adopt you.” I am so happy god brought tou into my life. If I ever need another vehicle you will be my salesman, Hope you see you soon.

God’s Blessings

Carole Webb 


It’s always a treat dealing with you. Thanks for making the purchase so easy. I love the Malibu.

You are the best!


 This is just a note to let you know how great Ann Akemon is at her job. We buy all of our vehicles here my kids & son in law are very faith ful to Ann for what she does for us. We will be back I think she deserves a pat on the back she is wonderful.

Oscar, Delania, & Rusty Rains 

 Thanks for bending over backwards for me! Thanks for all you’ve done with helping me get a car. I love it and You!


 Dear Ann

Thank you so much for helping us find the perfect truck! We really love it and appreciate the time you took to locate our truck. It was a pleasure to work with you!


Jill & Ray Bowman 

 Hi Ann,

Just a note to let you know I am thrilled with my new car. I’ve never had a red one before. I thought at my age I’d better get one more flashy while I can still drive HA HA! Thanks so much for the great deal. I really missed getting to watch you @ Frank hassle!! Maybe he will start to get a little easier in his old age. Yea right! Thought this card would give you a laugh today. Have a great one!

Your Friend,

Kylia & Frank Mull 

Dear Ann:

Thank you for your follow-up letters. That means a great deal to me. I apologize for this letter being so late, but better late than never. For some reason we have been very busy and I tend to forget what needs to be done!

We have had a lot of compliments on Mike’s new truck. He had the Rhino liner installed right away and it looks great. He is still going to add some other things to dress it up, but hasn’t decided what at this time.

We have been pleased with the truck and with you as a salesperson. We won’t hesitate to refer any of our friends or family to you in the future.

Thanks again!

Mike and Marilyn Koester 


I want you to know how continually impressed I am with Ann Akemon. She is completely customer service-oriented, whether it’s getting pricing info, tracking down inventory or arranging for a loaner. I guess the fact Ann had placed $120k of Cadillac iron in my garage this year and the local guy $0 says it all. She is a real asset to your business.

Mickey Kim 

 Mr Poynter,

My wife, Venny, and I purchased a 2003 Escalade ESV from Ann Akemon today. She was most helpful as a straight shooter throughout, which we truly appreciate. You should know I made the rounds of Caddy dealers from Indy on South and no one came remotely close. We’re looking forward to our Cadillac ownership experience.


Mickey Kim 

 Dear Ann:

Thank you so much for your help last Saturday in getting my car set-up for service and arranging a rental car. Everyone at your dealership was very accommodating and helpful. If I can ever repay the favor, please let me know.

Very truly yours,

Gregory A. Ostendorf 

 Dear Bob:

I purchased a company car from your agency in July, 2002. My loyalty had been with another Seymour dealership for eight years and four automobiles.

The consensus of your customers around the area was that of a professionally run company and was the primary reason to shop your facility. Count me as one of your satisfied customers for the following reasons:

1. Received a fair deal without a hassle thanks to Bob Allman and J.B. Hackman after locating a low-mileage Bonneville SSEI on the internet.

2.Repairs and service have exceeded expectations and with your loaner care program, experienced a minimum inconvenience thanks to Deryl and George.

The 2004 Grand Prix GTP Sport sedan has already gotten under my skin. No doubt I’ll be contacting J.B. mid 2004 for a low mileage year old edition.


Don Smith 

 Dear J.B.

We want to thank you for the assistance you gave during our last purchase. Our first meeting was in 2001 when we drove into the Poynter Dealership lot. You met us and ended up selling us a truck We were impressed with the way you tried to find the best deal.

In 2005 we returned to inquire of you what kind of offer could get on Cadillac CT with the options we wanted. You located the vehicle and made us a good offer. We are happy with both vehicles and expect to be as happy with the latest purchase.


Merrill and Joyce Salyers 

 Mr Poynter,

Dave and I want to thank you for an outstanding experience when we purchased our 2007 GMC Acadia. Your dealership went out of its way to make this a positive and wonderful experience. J.B. Hackman, Steve Jackson, and Tim Myers went above the call of duty to make us feel important and special. We will continue to recommend your services to our family and friends. Thank you very much.

Chris & Dave Boggs 

 Thanks Bob Poynter you have a great team! It’s so rare that a person is totally satisfied with a deal that takes your cash! J.B. Hackman and George Covey of Poynter Chevrolet have taken my cash for several different trucks I have purchased from them. I would like to thank them and Poynter’s staff for always taking care of my needs and never in 30 years of deals leaving me unhappy or dissatisfied.


Larry Burton-A Total Tan 

 Dear J.B.

I have had the 2002 Cadillac for over a month now and this is just a note to let you know that we are very happy with the car. I felt most fortunate to find a car like I had been looking for with that kind of mileage on it.

The 1995 Cadillac that my son took had 41k per year. When my son took it?it had 90k on it. If we do the same with this one, when we have averaged 10k miles per year and it has the same mileage that the one my son got I will be too old to drive. At that time I would be 83 and my wife would be 84. Of course that is if we live that long. I think people over 80 should not be on the road.

I guess this is my way of telling you that this will probably be the last big car I will own. If I continue to work as now I might need to replace the 2000 GMC Jimmy however the one I have only has 50k on it.

Right after I got home with the 2002 Cadillac I noticed a thump in the back right rear. It was a bad shock and Curry took care of it under the warranty.

Just wanted to let you know we are happy customers and enjoyed doing business with you.

Kindest regards

Don & Marjorie Wagner 


Thanks for calling when you got the Chevy Tahoe. I have never bought a used vehicle that was closer to what I wanted. Had I been able to order a used car from the factory this is exactly what I would have bought. You were also able to better every deal I had been working on down here. It was well worth driving the 200 miles to Seymour.

Thanks again,

Rob Toerne

Henderson Kentucky 

 Dear Bob,

Today I completed a vehicle purchase with your dealership, and felt that I should share some feedback on the quality of service I received. I do not normally go to the extent of commending people for doing what they are compensated to do, however I feel this to be an exception.

I came to your store based on my preference for GM products, and excellent past transactions and service. I might mention also that I am a former GM salesperson as well. I was not disappointed! I found a better deal than I had hoped for, and closed in record time for a vehicle purchase, due in part to the following factors.

First, your facility is always clean, bright and well organized, no less than three different people offered me assistance in the first five minutes. After ten minutes, I had explained my wants and needs to Mr. J.B. Hackman, who within minutes had a list of options and available units for me to check out. Due to his product knowledge, and attentive attitude I did not have to go into any great depth as to what I wanted. He answered every question, and was up front with me through the whole transaction. If he were an employee of mine, I would give him the highest marks for his product knowledge, engaging personality, and service to customers.

Working with Mr. Dewey Allman, Mr. Hackman offered me an “overly” fair deal on my trade in towards my new vehicle purchase, which was a pleasant surprise. Mr. Allman accepted my stated condition of my trade in and treated me in a highly professional manner as well. These factors couples with the package Mr. Hackman worked out and offered me closed the deal. When it came to the “dotted line”, the customer care and professionalism continued with Mr. J.D.Roberts. The paper work, financing details, (and the best interest rate I could hope for) were reduced to a minimum of hassle and concern. Even Mr. George Covey from the service department extended his compliments and was eager to help in the future with may maintenance issues if need be.

In these times of economic down turns, and uncertain world conditions, many have questioned what America is all about. I would say to those that do, conduct business at your dealership. Here they would find the best qualities of Americans doing a great job in a very aggressive market. Honesty, courtesy, and professionalism, are the key words. Superior service is a highly coveted benchmark, and in my experience you have attained it. You may be assured I will most highly recommend your dealership to my friends.

Please convey my appreciation to your entire organization on making this purchase a most pleasant and rewarding transaction. You and your staff should take a great deal of pride in the high quality of service, you provide to our community. Thank you!

Chuck Thomes U.S. Navy 


Thank you so much for all the trouble you went through to find me a car. I absolutely love my new car!




Too often owners only hear from customers when their employees fail to meet expectations?J.B. was just the opposite. He was professional, courteous, and a pleasure to work with. You’ve got a lot of good people down there.

All the best,  John 


You really made my day Tuesday. Just can't thank you enough for finding and making it possible for me to afford my beautiful red Impala, it drives like a dream. The Cilajet makes it even more beautiful. Thank you for the darling christmas bear. We really like the dual heat controls. Jerry can be hot and I can be cool. It's great. Always a pleasure to do business with you. Appreciate your kindness and generosity. Thank you again for everything. Have a wonderful Christmas. See you later.

Sincerely your friends, Jerry & Rosalie Hooper


 Hello, Bob

I wanted to share some details of our recent Acadia purchase. I'm sure that you're well aware of some of the overall details of the deal, but I'd like to let you know how it was from our perspective. We had several small warranty concerns come up the first weekend, and were not happy with the vehicle overall by Monday morning, when I called Terry Darlage.

It appeared that we were having several electrical problems. He quickly went to work and had our trade in vehicle as our loaner, per our request, when I dropped the Acadia off. We reviewed the list of concerns, and found out that one of our concerns was really our misunderstanding of the vehicle controls. Later that day, he called to let us know that all of our concerns had been addressed, and we could come pick it up.

I was sad to find out that one of the concerns was caused by a Valeo Sylvania rear lamp assembly. As soon as we left the lot, the issue caused by the lamp happened again. I went right back, and caught Terry on the lot. I left the vehicle running so that he could see what was happening. We stepped inside while Terry went to talk to service, and JB stopped to talk to us. He assured us that all of these concerns would be addressed and he wanted us to be happy.

We were then introduced to Trent, who met us at the car out in the parking lot. He also assured us that they were going to take care of us. The next day I found out that both rear lamps supplied by Valeo Sylvania had been bad. How embarrassing! I later learned from our Warranty Engineer that it was a known issue that GM was aware of and was in the process of being resolved. I guess that was basically the long version of what happened after we bought our Acadia.

Since this was a completely satisfying response from different departments in your dealership working as a team to solve a customer's concerns, I wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with their response! This was the exact opposite feeling that we had when we had issues with our new Envoy that we bought in 02.

I was impressed that a salesman was able to relay our concerns to both the sales and service managers, and both came to me to try and resolve our concerns. I think this speaks highly of all who were involved, and I wanted you to know that!

Thanks, Darin Obermeyer

I had a hit in a parking lot. I chose Poynters to repair my car. When I took the car in last Monday (8/31) I told them I would really like to have the car back on Friday because I would be going to a soccer tournament and would have a car full. They had it done!!!! My granddaughter was very happy because she could not understand how four people and all of our "stuff" would fit in that four door car. It didn't have a DVD player so where would she plug in her DVD player. I told her to bring CD's because this car didn't have XM radio. Was she glad to have grandma's Acadia back and it was clean!

Please tell the guys in the body shop how satisfied we were with their service.

To: Bob Poynter

From: Rich Guy

Poynter GM dealership has been a safety training customer of ours for several years and this year I became your customer. I purchased a new 2010 Chevy Impala from your dealership. I have purchased more than 30 cars in my time and have never been treated as well as your staff took care of me. Your sales staff were professional in every aspect of the business.

The way they found the car I wanted, the way it was prepared for me and gave me what I felt was a fair deal for both the dealership and myself. Your dealership is successful and the quality of your people working for you will keep it that way. I just thought you should know. The way that they handled my deal, I would be happy to do business with your dealership again.

Sincerely, Rich

I love my new car! Terry and Rob and everyone at the dealership were amazing. They were very helpful and caring. My experience with you guys is been the best and it can say your customer service is amazing. Any car I buy or my family needs we will get it from you guys ! Thank you again and you guys are awesome :)  Krunal Patel

Thank you for the great service and time you gave us in finding a vehicle that fit our needs. You worked diligently with us to test drive many different vehicles and quickly found one once we decided how we wanted to proceed. Your patience and understanding is to be commended and your commitment to your customers is very evident. Thanks again.! Mark & Judy Tape.

 I have purchased 4 new GM vehicles since 2008 from Phil Hawk. I have been completely satisfied and happy after each one. I would highly recommend to anyone to go to Bob Poynter GM. I have always been treated great?.Danny Summers